Monday, February 25, 2013

Style Tip: Combining Colours.

A few people have a problem of not knowing which colours go together and look good together. First of all, it’s an individual thing… there are no specific rules as to what colours go and don’t go together. It’s all about your style, and what you think is beautiful. But just in case you’re that hopeless, here’s help!

Let me introduce to you the Colour Wheel:

Basically, there are 3 types of colour combinations that go together:

The Adjacently placed colours
You can combine two or three colours that are placed adjacently (or next to each other) in the colour wheel while putting together an outfit. For example Pink, Orange and Yellow.

The Monochromatic colours
You can combine different shades of a single colour in the same outfit. For example Pink.

The Oppositely placed colours
You can also combine pieces in colours that are placed oppositely in the colour wheel while putting together an outfit. For example Blue and Orange.

Style Tip: Combining Colours.

Here are a few extra tips:
The colours black, white and beige as well as gold and silver can be combined in any which way you like, but not all 5 together…that would be disastrous!
You can choose one or two light colours for your clothing, and then make a statement by adding a pop of bright colour in your jewellery or your accessories.

Remember, the above are just guidelines to give you an idea about colour theory, NOT RULES. The rest is completely up to you. Don’t worry about what other people think about your choices. Colours are a way of expressing yourself, so stay true and be as crazy or as tame as you like to be!

TTYL dollies!

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