Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple tips for Perfect Hair this Summer!

Hair can be a pain sometimes! It's not the easiest thing in the world to keep your hair glowing every single day... but here are a few tips that I stick to, to keep my hair under control and looking healthy and fresh!

My Favorite Warm Weather Hairstyle

After you're done with your normal shower routine (shampooing & conditioning), air dry your hair for a little bit. Then, apply any hair moisturizer or cream while it's still damp. I like to use a hair cream enriched with coconut since it doesn't smell too strong and coconut's are best known for their moisturizing properties! Then blow dry your hair at the lowest possible heat, and not for too long.
Now keep the blow dry aside, turn your head upside down and wiggle and shake it whilst running your hand through your hair to inject some flare into it!
And Voila! Your locks will now be springing with life... you can leave it this way or style it into your favorite summer hair do and you're ready for a nice day outside!

Additional tips:

1. Nuts, fish and loads of water are the most essential foods for your hair.

2. It's always good to massage your hair with a few ounces drops of moderately warm essential hair oil (like olive oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, coconut oil) before shampooing for additional moisture. Natural hair oils can perform miracles on your hair as it's got numerous nutritional, moisturizing and medicinal qualities! Oils such as olive oil can even make your dandruff disappear in just a single wash (my go-to dandruff remedy!).

3. Lastly, don't use too many synthetic products on your hair and stick to natural or organic products as much as possible!

Hope you dolls learnt a thing or two from this post!
Take care of yourselves and your hair!

See you soon!