Friday, April 20, 2012

Now that's Talent!

These are some amazing photographs taken by my really good friend Hala Sleiman. She is incredibly talented for an amateur 15 year old. Her photographs make ordinary things look extraordinary and almost magical.

Now that's what I call Talent! You can check out more of her photographs on her facebook page:

Stay tuned for more posts and keep spreading the word about Fruity Colors!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey! Ok let me first introduce you to myself. I'm Julie Jacob, 16 years young ;) and currently in the 11th grade. I'm from India but born and brought up in Kuwait.
Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking in. This blog is gonna be all about my favourite thing fashion.
Fashion is my passion, dream and outlet. I hope to make it in the fashion world as a famous fashion designer and I hope this blog is gonna take me one step closer to becoming one.
I'll be posting things about trends, styled outfits, the latest runway shows, my favourite designers, my own designs and so much more!
Please come back again to check on my posts and thanks again for stopping by! :) :*